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Cara Beternak Sapi Potong yang Baik dan Benar

Posted by on Apr 13, 2017 in Livestock Management System |

Usaha ternak sapi potong dikatakan berhasil jika telah memberikan kontribusi penghasilan dan dapat memenuhi kebutuhan hidup para peternaknya. Agar ternak sapi potong dapat menghasilkan sapi berkualitas, peternak harus belajar cara beternak sapi potong yang baik dan benar. Pemilihan bibit unggul, sistem pemeliharaan, pemberian pakan, dan pengawasan terhadap kesehatan ternak merupakan bagian dari sistem manajemen ternak atau Livestock Management System. Penggemukan sapi adalah usaha mempercepat...

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Mudahnya Mengaqiqah di Jakarta

Posted by on Apr 10, 2017 in aqiqah jakarta |

Kita sudah banyak mengetahui dan banyak sekali mendengar tentang apa itu aqiqah, menurut artinya aqiah adalah pengorbanan hewan kurabn dalam syariat islam, sebagai tanda syukur terhadsap Allah SWT terhadapa lahirnya seorang putra dan putri. Untuk kelahiran seorang putra di sunnahkan menyembelih dua ekor kambing dan kelahiran seorang putri makan disunnahkan untuk menyembelih satu ekor kambing. Apabila orang tuanya adalahn orang yang tidak mampu pada saaat kelahiran anak putra/ putri, maka ia...

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Definition Of Viral Marketing

Posted by on Mar 21, 2017 in default |

So, why a few people earned money and others no longer? It is simple as taking action. John Wooden, UCLA’s great basketball coach once said., “Some me someone who doesn’t make any mistakes and show you someone that does nothing.” So so as to avoid endorsement the nothing trap you need think about action first and directed marketing action next. There just isn’t money in located on your butt delays for the money to roll in, bringing in happening. You must study and...

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Getting Leading Pawn Shop Price With Your Jewelry

Posted by on Mar 16, 2017 in default |

After all there is something about a relationship gown prettier than additional gown in the world, as said by Douglas William Jerrold, could be true. Distinct the wedding gown but as with is related to the bride looks prettier and truley what is using the groom looks genuine. The love for the bride once the groom says ‘I DO’ is clearly seen in his eyes. The happiness and contentment the actual reason seen globe bride’s eyes is never-ending. This bond between these two loving...

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5 Golden Tips For Social Influence Marketing (Sim)

Posted by on Mar 13, 2017 in default |

If or you own your own business, especially on the net then you have available all of the tools which you can get a hold of in order to supercharge your exposure and purchases. There is now a great social media influencer platform that you can use named the MLMLeadSystemPro. Excellent choice . is totally customizable which will work with any network marketing business. This internet influencer marketing platform has distinctive online shopping and auction options. Special Lowest Bid is only...

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